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Customer Tracking

Customer Tracking

Customer Tracking

Karcode Customer tracking is now easier and free with the customer tracking system! You can safely record, update and manage your customer information. Moreover, all these operations can be performed in just a few steps thanks to the user-friendly interface.

Quick Customer Registration and Viewing

Quickly add customer information to the system and save it in detail. Karcode Thanks to the advanced customer tracking module, you can view and edit customer names, contact information, addresses and more on a single screen.

Monitor Your Customer Interactions

Karcode Monitor all your customer interactions in detail with the customer tracking module. Get instant access to important information such as customer sales and purchase history, payments and debts.

Detailed Customer Report and Analysis

Analyze your customer data and create detailed reports. Karcode Thanks to the reporting tool, you can easily track customer behavior and purchasing habits and make strategic decisions depending on the situation. Moreover, all these features are completely free.