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Character Counter

Free Character Counter, Count Letters, Words, Paragraphs


Case Convert

Free Case Conversion Tool, Convert Uppercase and Lowercase Letters


MD5/SHA1 Encryption

Free MD5/SHA1 Encryption, Encrypt Entered Word with MD5 or SHA1


Byte Converter

Free Byte Converter, Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte


Word Counter

Free Word Counter, Count Characters, Words


Create 2D Barcode

Free 2D Barcode Creation Tool. Generate Barcodes Fast


Create Barcode Label

Free Barcode Label Creator. Create Quick Label


Free Tools

Karcode Simplify Your Transactions with Free Tools. Karcode Among the tools, you can find various free tools that will make your transactions easier, increase your efficiency and make your daily work faster. You can find tools such as Character, Letter Counter, Word Counter, Upper and Lower Case Conversion, Byte Conversion, Remote Keyboard Control within the Tools. Karcode Free Web Tools Online


Free Preliminary Accounting

For Small Businesses, Preliminary Accounting is Important for the Orderly Management of Business Activities and the Protection of the Financial System. With the Development of Technology, Online and Free Pre-Accounting Software Makes This Process Easier. Karcode Cloud-Based Software Offers Access from Anywhere with an Internet Connection. In this way, it becomes possible to perform accounting transactions even outside the office.


Character Counter

Character Limits Are Of Great Importance In Twitter And Other Social Media Platforms, Article Writing Or SEO Compatible Content. Character Counter Quickly and Accurately Determines the Total Length of Text by Counting Letters, Numbers, Spaces and Punctuation. Thanks to this tool, you can shorten or optimize the text. It is especially useful in situations where you need to comply with a certain number of characters.


Free Stock Tracking

Free Stock Tracking Module is Important for Efficient Inventory Management and Cost Control. Free Stock Tracking Module Allows Businesses to Manage Their Stocks Regularly. This Module is Suitable for Monitoring Inventory Movements and Controlling Stock Levels. It is a Great Advantage for Small Businesses. You can run your business with these free modules instead of high-cost software.


Letter Conversion Tool

It is a free tool that you can use to convert letters in texts. With the Free Letter Conversion Tool, you can convert your texts from uppercase letters to lowercase letters and from lowercase letters to uppercase letters. Moreover, it is completely free and can be used online. Free Case Conversion Tool Helps You Quickly Convert Your Texts to Your Desired Format.


CSS Styling Tools

When Making Web Templates, the Design is Shaped Using CSS. Style Files Determine the Look and Layout of the Site. Css Styling Tools are Various Online Tools that Make the Work of Web Developers and Designers Easier and More Efficient. They are easy to use because they have a simple interface. They Offer User-Friendly Operations Like Clicking to Select and Set Css Properties.